Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Researcher of the Month

BME wants to recognize the research contributions of our undergraduates! Please see biomedical-engineering-undergraduate-researcher-of-the-month for details!

Previous awards

April 2017
Dana Asad, NC State

Nominated for work with Ke Cheng

March, 2017
Keita Yokoyama, UNC

For contributing to the development of a new technique to measure acoustic radiation force impulse induced shear wave velocity. -Caterina Gallipi

Jodi Stone, UNC

For contributing to the application of acoustic angiography to assess the progression of angiogenesis in a spontaneous mouse model of breast cancer. – Paul Dayton

February, 2017
Katherine Driscoll, UNC

BME undergraduate researcher of the month for creative problem solving skills and a “can do” attitude. –Nancy Allbritton

December, 2016
Hope Piercy, NC State

For assisting in developing experiments for investigation of Superharmonic Ultrasound’s ability to detect atherosclerotic plaques. –Paul Dayton

Elizabeth Easter, NC State

For instrumental contributions enabling the use of minimally invasive laser Doppler flowmetry to monitor blood flow in vivo inside mouse bones.- Jacque Cole

November, 2016
Heather Stokes, NC State

For outstanding scientific contributions to understanding the neuromuscular origins of step-to-step corrective motor responses underlying balance control during human walking.  –Jason Franz

September, 2016
Michael Lebhar, UNC

For creating a 2-D culture system for primary colonic epithelial cells with incorporated stem cells. –Nancy Allbritton

Rukesh Chinthapathia,  NC State

For demonstrating the ability to design and fabricate disposable pumps with pre-specified fluid transport capacity. –Glenn Walker