Admission to Program

Students may declare the Biomedical and Health Sciences Engineering (BMHE) major as early as their first year. However, students who wish to continue in this major must apply for admission to the program. Admission to the university does not guarantee admission to the program. Students should plan to apply at some point during your first year (fall, spring, or summer) as outlined below. Rising juniors may also apply, but admission to rising juniors will only be granted on a limited basis if space is available. Students who are not accepted to the program must select a different major. Please note that students who enrolled at UNC prior to fall 2016 do not have to go through this admissions process. Students admitted prior to Fall of 2016 are admitted to the joint program after completing the 5 required courses.

Students may apply to the program during the semester when they earn credit for the following courses (AP and IB credit will be accepted according to university policies):

  • CHEM 101/101L – General Descriptive Chemistry I and Quantitative Chemistry Laboratory I (C or better)
  • MATH 231 – Calculus of Functions of One Variable (C or better)
  • MATH 232 – Calculus of Functions of One Variable II (C or better)
  • PHYS 116/118 – Mechanics/Introductory Calculus-based Mechanics and Relativity (C or better)
  • ENGL 105 English Composition and Rhetoric (C- or better)

It is expected that students will be applying in the fall or spring of their first year, or at the very latest, in the summer before sophomore year. The percentage of the total class admitted per semester is outlined in the table below.

To apply for admission to the program, students must complete the following two steps:

  • Apply for a Major/Minor Change in ConnectCarolina. Specific directions are included here. Update: For the Fall Term (9/16-12/1) students should select the Biomedical Health Sci Engineering-Joint NCSU option (for 2019 Spring). After submitting this request, students will receive a communication the next day with the URL to the online application site, as well as a username and PIN to login.
  • Complete an online application, including a personal statement. Students will be expected to complete all sections of the online application. Students will access their online application by logging into to the URL emailed to them the day after submitting the major change request, using the provided username and PIN. The online application has multiple sections, including:
    • Applicant Information
    • Personal Statement/Essay. Guidelines for the essay are listed below.
    • Certification
    • Application Status Review

Admission will be decided by a committee of department members, considering the applicant’s grades and essay. The decision letter will be posted to the online application system. Students accepted to the program will need to confirm their acceptance through ConnectCarolina in order for the major change to be processed. Please check the table below for significant dates.

Essay guidelines:

A single essay of no more than 300 words is a required part of the application. This essay should address the following topics:

  1. Why are you interested in biomedical engineering?
  2. What experiences have led you to choose BMHE as your intended major?
  3. What extracurricular activities have you engaged in related to biomedical engineering?
  4. What do you plan on doing with your biomedical engineering degree when you graduate?

Application WindowAdmissions Decision% of Total Class Admitted During This Window
Fall semester: 9/16-12/1by December 30 (after fall semester grades are available)15%
Spring semester: 2/16-5/15by June 15 (after spring semester grades are available)80%
Summer term: 7/2-8/1by August 30 (after summer session grades are available)5%

Instructions for Transfer Applicants

Sophomore and junior transfer students who are seeing admission to UNC-Chapel Hill are required to apply through the Common Application. For additional information, visit:

Biomedical Engineering program and application information video