JBME Ambassadors Program: UNC at Chapel Hill

We offer tours led by our team of Student Ambassadors.  Our tours cover general areas of interest as well as areas related to our program.  Please allow 1 hour for the tour and be prepared to walk! Advanced registration is required so please fill out our “tour request form” to schedule your visit.

The Joint Department of Biomedical and Health Sciences Engineering Student Ambassadors Program promotes leadership and communication skills by offering students the opportunity to represent the department at a variety of academic and social events held throughout the academic year. From the University Open House and Admittance days, to guided tours, the ambassadors serve as a personal interface with prospective students and guests of the department. Prospective students and their parents are welcome to contact an ambassador by clicking on his or her email link below.

Thank you for your interest in a tour of The Department of Biomedical Engineering!

Abhishek Das, ashek246@live.unc.edu  

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    Hometown: Asheville, NC  

    High School: T.C. Roberson High School  

    What I plan to do after graduation: Involve myself in the biomedical engineering consulting industry for a couple years after graduation, then go back to school to pursue a dual degree through a BME  focused MS/MBA program or an Masters in Engineering Management. 

    Why I love Biomedical Engineering: Studying biomedical engineering gives students such a wide spectrum of possibilities for research and industry innovation, all with a common goal of helping people. The faculty in the joint department have put in place some awesome resources for students to learn everything necessary to succeed, and we have a great cohort of motivated students as well. I love BME because it allows me to solve complex problems in areas where I can directly communicate and help others.  

    -Treasurer for UNC Sangam
    -Research Assistant at the Macdonald Lab
    -Undergraduate TA
    -Neuroscience minor

    -Honors Carolina
    -Froelich Fellowship
    -Academic Dean’s List

Brenna Harrison, brenna3@live.unc.edu

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    Hometown: Apex, NC  

    High School: Middle Creek High School  

    What I plan to do after graduation: I plan to work in industry for a few years in the prosthetics and orthotics field. I have a special interest in the dental field and may eventually pursue dental school. I’m excited about what the future holds!  

    Why I love Biomedical Engineering: Coming from a family of engineers, engineering was in my blood and I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the engineering field. I also have always been interested in how the body functions and wanted to make an impact in the world. I had an internship where I was able to witness incredible cancer research in action. This solidified that biomedical engineering was the perfect fit for me as it combined my two passions.  

    -Vice President for Girls Engineering Change
    -Undergraduate Research Assistant in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at -UNC Adams School of Dentistry
    -Publicity Chair for UNC’s Circle K (service leadership program of Kiwanis International)
    -Support Team for Helping Hands
    -Project Mentor for Biomedical Engineering Club  

    Other Interests:
    -Graphic Design – Snapchat Geofilter creator

Rima Patel,  rimapp@live.unc.edu  

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    Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY  

    High School: Roy. C Ketcham High School  

    What I plan to do after graduation: I currently plan on going into industry to gain some experience. Later, I would like to continue my education and get my Masters.  

    Why I love Biomedical Engineering: I love BME because it delivers a creative, scientific, and evolving environment. The scope of subjects that BME incorporates is also something I find interesting as I get to apply and explore my interests from many different fields. This path combines my inclination to enhance the way people experience life with a career that is hands on and multidisciplinary.  

    -Computer Science Minor
    -Blank Canvas Dance Company 
    -UNC Product Management
    -UNC Club Boxing
    -Motion Science Institute – Undergraduate Research Consultant Team

    -Undergraduate Research Scholar
    -Dean’s List

Saahil Madhiwala, saahilm@live.unc.edu  

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    Bio: Being in love with engineering all my life, it’s no mistake I ended up studying BME at UNC. My love began as a middle school student working on a mousetrap vehicle project and has been fostered by mentors and professors alike. Studying BME has given me the opportunity to better understand the human condition and what I can do to make a difference for the better. Tissue Engineering and Secondary Education have been the two routes I’ve chosen to make that impact. I hope to work in a R&D setting where I help develop the next treatment for cleft palate while continuing my work with Science Olympiad by bringing Science and Engineering based competitions to students around our state. 

Suma Dasari,  dsuma@live.unc.edu  

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    Bio: My name is Suma Dasari and I am currently a junior at UNC Chapel Hill studying biomedical engineering. I’m from Cary, NC and went to Green Hope High School. Growing up, I’ve always had an interest in science and math and wanted to study something that integrated the two while also incorporating hands on experiences so biomedical engineering was the perfect choice! It’s a great field of study where you can challenge yourself and directly impact someone’s life. During my sophomore year, I was an Abrams Scholars recipient where I performed research in the imaging department characterizing acoustic radiation force techniques for surveillance of subcutaneous hemorrhage. Outside of academics, I am on the design team of the Helping Hand Project an am the secretary of Girls Engineering Change.