Undergraduate students have an opportunity to participate in groundbreaking research. Approximately 30 percent of BME students participate in research projects. The UNC Office of Undergraduate Research and NC State Office of Undergraduate Research have information and resources on research opportunities and funding. In particular, they have helpful information on how to connect with mentors at UNC and NC State, which includes tips for writing an email to faculty to inquire about lab positions.

Students work in research labs in the BME Department, as well as labs in related departments throughout the College of Engineering or Arts and Sciences, and the Schools of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing, and Public Health. Many students participate in summer research opportunities, such as REUs, at other universities as well.

We also encourage students to present at the UNC Celebration of Undergraduate Research or NC State University Annual Symposium

Students may conduct work as a volunteer, for pay, or for credit.  Students also participate in research through the Abrams Scholars and Lucas Scholars programs.

Questions?  Contact the Chair of the Undergraduate Research Committee, Dr. Rahima Benhabbour.