At UNC-Chapel Hill, students and faculty work on groundbreaking research projects in many fields. In 2014, the University ranked 6th in the nation in the overall level of research funding from the Federal government (for complete list, click here). Focusing on biomedical related research, UNC-Chapel Hill also ranks 6th in the nation in the level of funding from the National Institutes of Health. For more information about research at the University in general, see the research website here.

Undergraduate students have an opportunity to participate in this groundbreaking research. Overall, at least 60% of undergraduate students at UNC-Chapel Hill participate in research projects. The percentage is typically even higher in the BMHE program because of the wealth of opportunities in biomedical related research. The UNC Office of Undergraduate Research has information and resources on research opportunities and funding. In particular, they have helpful information on how to Connect With Researchers, which includes tips for writing an email to faculty to inquire about positions in their lab.

BMHE students work on research projects during the school year or summer. Some students start working in a research lab during their first year and work in the same lab for four years, while other students do not start until their junior or senior year. Students work in research labs in the BME Department, as well as labs in related departments throughout the School of Medicine, School of Pharmacy, School of Dentistry, School of Nursing, School of Public Health, and College of Arts and Sciences. Many students participate in summer internships at other universities as well.

Some of our students publish their research in peer reviewed journals and present it at relevant conferences, including the Biomedical Engineering Society, which has a special program session at their annual conference each fall for undergraduate research. We also encourage students to present at the UNC Celebration of Undergraduate Research on campus each spring.

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